Our Support Solutions

We offer a multi level support solution to get you the answers and training you need when you need it.

Why do Customers invest in Support?

It takes more than just innovative design tools to be successful. Stellar customer support that stands behind the tools is just as critical. At Mentor Graphics® our high performance tools are backed by an award-winning global customer support organization that is leading the way in Design Automation software support.

From frequent product enhancements and new releases to timely answers from our expert support team to comprehensive online support from Support Center, we provide fast response and highly effective technical assistance. We work hard so you can be as productive as possible.

Software enhancements to bring you the latest improvements in product functionality, usability and performance. Technical support backed by an award-winning support organization to provide rapid, expert response to your technical issues.



Import Eagle Designs into PADS Today!

Simply “import” the Eagle design and the libraries, schematics, and layouts.

PADS® Update NEWS!

PADS® VX.2.4 now released for PADS® Standard, Standard plus And Professional.


Today’s engineers are often “too busy” to consider training. This is where productivity can slip and, all too often, frustration creeps in. Training is a critical element and a key contribution to high performance people and systems. The way training is obtained must be flexible, accessible and expertly delivered.


Tailored to your specific requirement and delivered either on-site or at a training centre.


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On Demand

Learn at your own pace. Self-paced training modules available on-line.


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Full instructor-led courses in a Mentor/IC Blue training facility.



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