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PADS® Standard

Geared toward PCB designers and engineers looking for high-value, production-proven tools, PADS® Standard provides schematic design and layout capabilities in an intuitive and easy-to-use environment. PADS® Standard is ideal for less complex board design, and where cost is a high priority.

Features include:

  • Schematic design
  • PADS® AMS Cloud online circuit simulation
  • Layout
  • Component part selection and verification
  • Powerful search and filtering with component information management
  • Create custom, IPC-compliant land patterns

PADS® Standard Plus

Choose PADS® Standard Plus if you require simulation and analysis, and advanced layout, to produce high-quality PCBs fast.

Includes all the capabilities of PADS® Standard, plus:

  • Integrated constraint management
  • High-speed constraints and routing
  • Signal integrity analysis with crosstalk using HyperLynx®
  • Thermal and analog simulation
  • Centralized library


PADS® Professional

Self-contained, integrated PCB design flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups

Design, validate, and manufacture complex PCBs with PADS® Professional, the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition® technology to engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment.

PADS® Professional is powerful, but it’s also easy to learn, use, and afford. It’s designed to give the experienced user all the horsepower they need, yet intuitive, so casual or occasional users can accelerate their time to productivity. 

The full flow of PADS® Professional lets you design, validate and manufacture PCB-centric systems incorporating advanced FPGA devices.

We provide an array of design and library translators to facilitate migration from competitive platforms.



Its unique, patented technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency. Xpedition® Enterprise delivers a complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions for engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, and data management including:Full data integrity throughout the entire design and IP management process

  • Significantly improve project schedules, reduce risks and eliminate error-prone manual data manipulation

Flow-wide concurrent engineering

  • Reduce cycle time by 30 to 60 percent; decrease integration effort up to 80 percent
  • Enable geographically dispersed engineers to work in parallel at any stage of the design process

Correct-by-design methodology and flow automation

  • Reduce error rate and eliminate time-consuming batch post-processes
  • Increase engineering productivity by 40 percent or more

Virtual prototyping

  • Reduce costly and time-consuming physical prototypes
  • Gain time for cost and quality optimization
  • Improve electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability

Integrated design-for-manufacturing

  • Eliminate new product introduction risks
  • Reduce design spins by 60 percent or more
  • Optimize first-pass yield by integrating the design chain with the extended supply chain
  • Xpedition® Enterprise empowers organizations to maintain a competitive edge and future-focused strategic positioning

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Get high-performance PCB design, tailored to meet your specific requirements and budget

Every electronic product needs to be analyzed for thermal issues.

Product Creation Platform

Take your electronic product ideas from concept to reality with PADS®. Only PADS® can provide engineers and small teams with a product creation platform optimized for component selection, signal and power integrity, electronics cooling, form and fit, PCB layout, and manufacturing.

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Electrical Harness Design

Unrivalled leading edge solutions for electrical wiring and harness design.  Class leading solutions used the world over. 

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Mechanical Analysis

FloTHERM® and FloEFD® - Leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tools, with simulation and analysis.

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