IC Blue Visit Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

 The IC Blue team Visit Aston Martin Red Bull Racings Headquarters in Milton Keynes.

Lucky members of the IC Blue Software Team got to spend the afternoon in the company of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing staff who gave presentations and a detailed tour of their facilities. The presentations helped showcase how they became quadruple world champions - and how Siemens PLM solutions assisted them in this fantastic achievement.

The IC Blue team Visit Redbull Racing


The Key to Success!

Technology is the key to success in modern day motorsports and cutting-edge innovations are fundamental to prevail in the world of Formula One. In fact, Grand Prix racing is one of the most “time-critical” businesses in the world, with on-track success dependent upon a complex and reliable development process subject to daily, if not hourly deadlines.

Since the founding of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, the alignment of the team‘s needs and Siemens industry leading capabilities has defined a mutually beneficial partnership. Since the introduction of Siemens as an Innovation Partner a long standing relationship has developed which has put both parties on the inside track to success in their respective fields.

With the help of these solutions, the team is an incredible success story, producing four consecutive World Championship seasons for the record books, and delivering a phenomenal ratio of podium finishes in more than half of the races entered.

Siemens PLM Software provides the team with its unrivalled NX™ digital product design and manufacturing tools.

IC Blue LTD are a Siemens PLM Solution Partner providing Polarion, NXTM, Solid Edge and FloEFD. Discover more about these products HERE

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Real Fan!

Nigel Fearnley with IC Blue at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing  

Inevitably there are always some who get more out of these sort of events than others! The picture to the left is Nigel Fearnley one of IC Blue's component specialists. Nigel has been with IC Blue for 13 years and is known by both his customers and colleagues for his particular attention to detail and sense of humour. He is also a HUGE F1 fan.

While a member of the Red Bull team explained that by using Siemens technology they are able to manufacture parts to a tolerance of between 6 to 8 microns, Nigel exclaimed "6 or 8? .. Well which is it?"

Nigel Fearnley - Senior Accounts Manager - IC Blue Components Division.    


 The IC Blue team drink in the sights Aston Martin Red Bull Racings HQ.

 The IC Blue team drink in the sights Aston Martin Red Bull Racings HQ.