Electrical Harness Design

Capital® and VeSys® design software help speed the design process, reduce product cost & improve product quality.



Satisfying the demanding requirements of companies where ease-of-use and value are as important as functionality. Optimized for rapid deployment and low IT footprint 

The VeSys® Design and VeSys® Harness tools can be used individually, or deployed together allowing wiring design data to flow seamlessly into the associated harness designs reducing effort and minimizing the risk of errors.


VeSys® Design

VeSys® Design provides a rapid and intuitive wiring design tool for the creation of wiring diagrams and service documentation with integrated simulation facilities that can validate the design as it’s created, ensuring a high quality design with less risk of rework when the first prototypes are tested


VeSys® Harness

VeSys® Harness provides a rapid and intuitive harness and formboard design tool with automated part selector and manufacturing report generation that speeds the design time and automates many steps in the design process.



Capital® is an advanced software suite for the electrical system and wire harness domain. Used by leading automotive, aerospace and harness makers, Capital® is built to support the complex demands of integrated processes from initial vehicle definition through design, manufacture 


Capital®: A Platform-level Electrical Environment

Developed for transportation platforms such as aircraft, automobiles and off-road vehicles, Capital® is scalable from small, localized projects through to complete enterprise wide deployments. The suite spans an extended flow from vehicle concept and electrical architecture definition to wire harness manufacture and vehicle maintenance. The core Capital® tools can be implemented individually or deployed together in a unified flow that seamlessly matures data within a consistent environment. Robust integration with adjacent domains (such as MCAD and PLM) is fully supported, as is cross-organizational collaboration.


Capital® 2015.1 - Introducing the New Ribbon

Customer Success

By adopting Capital®, Ford Motor Company is taking a very strong position in the deployment of these modern technologies. The electrical system is a high impact aspect of a modern automobile. By standardizing on Capital®, Ford will achieve cost, reliability and time-to-market advantages in terms of part number control, design error reduction and architectural optimization” 

General manager of Mentor’s Integrated Electrical Systems Division.



View this video to see how the Capital® Design Flow offers powerful embedded data management capabilities (vehicle configuration management, design comparison, data sharing etc) and how productivity is enhanced by modern technologies (wiring synthesis, interpretive analysis, diagram synthesis etc).

Comparison table

VeSys® v. Capital® - Comparison Table

Not sure which product is best for you? Then use this simple matrix to help find the right product. Both VeSys® and Capital® can support all of the requirements shown in the matrix – your choice is between lower-cost (VeSys®) or high automation (Capital®).

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